Spiral Technology

What makes Spiral technology work?

The Spiral development team used the research conducted by Spiral team members over the last three years. The research was focused on the advanced academic and scientific knowledge in various key areas. This advanced knowledge was rigorously tested by top researchers in Academia and extensively tested over years using proven methods with actual students and educators. Some of these key areas included:

Educational Psychology

Cognitive Function and Learning

Experiential Learning

Blooms Taxonomy

Kolb Experiential Learning

Linguistic Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence

Proximal Development

Social Cognitive and Situated Learning

Cross Cultural Education

Neural and Behavioral Learning Research

Learning Style Models

All of the above areas provided the Spiral team with in depth scientific and academic processes and proven methodologies from which the Spiral team configured the science and academic base of knowledge necessary to take the next step: Technology

The Spiral development team applied technologies and methodologies from the following areas to build a platform that incorporates the methodologies and practices found in the academic and scientific research:

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Analytics

Data Analytics

Correlative Analytics

Cyber Security

Behavioral Analytics

Cluster Analysis

The combination of selected methods and protocols from the above key areas in Science, Academia, and Technology, provide Spiral with an advanced and innovative approach, enabling Spiral to provide services and tools for differentiated learning.