Spiral Success

We like to share the successes of those that have benefited by Spiral. We will be adding more galleries, videos and other featured success stories from the Spiral community. Enjoy!

Featured 2017 Spiral Success

Dr. Rodgers, an educator, conducted a proof of the Spiral Solution for English Reading with over 60 students. The results were amazing with the leveling up English Reading in skills an average of 70%! These results mirror similar levels in other independent cases. 


Watch the video to see and listen to the responses from actual Spiral Learners that improved their English Reading skills and benefited from real increases in their test scores!

The program made her more engaged in learning. The Spiral program has ended and my daughter values her education even more. The program should be standard in all classrooms.

I would encourage all schools and parents to use Spiral.


Proud Parent Valleju Unified
My spiral experience was the best.I got to hear my self read and hear all of my mistake. From the beginning of spiral i was really happy because i was one of the first ones to ever use spiral and no one else except my classmates. At the end of spiral i wanted to do more

ANGEL - 6th Grader

Franklin Middle School
I really like spiral because on the Videos it taught me different subjects. I also like the play back button because it helped me listen to the words I didn’t understand . Spiral also helped me with my reading level at first I was reading at a 5th grade level and now I’m reading at a 8th grade level and when I started spiral my learning personality was visual learner but now I’m a physical learner.

ISRAEL - 6th Grader

Franklin Middle School