Spiral Services

The Spiral Service offerings are all designed to help the Learners/Students/Trainees, Parents/Guardians/Sponsors and Educators/Instructors/Administrators improve learning skills, open opportunities and attain goals/rewards.

Learning Personality Analysis

It only takes a few minutes to know how you Learn Best!

The Spiral Learning Personality Analysis is an easy to use advanced analytical tool that helps by establishing a guideline on how someone learns best. The analysis provides a chart that shows various key areas that make up a Learning Personality.

A Learning Personality is the result of analysis from several key areas. These include Learning Styles, Cognitive Skills and Environmental Factors. These key areas are used to provide a Learning Objective Guide (LOG) which provides a baseline for the needs of the user on the best approach in applying content, tools and processes to improve the skills and levels of learning.

Based on years of advanced science in the areas of Education, Psychology and Cognitive Skills Analytics, the Spiral Learning Personality Analysis incorporates artificial intelligence, cluster analytics and correlative analytics methods and technologies to provide a strong baseline that help guide the understanding of how someone learns best.

It only takes a few minutes to get results with an easy to use image and multi-media process that requires no training!

Spiral Solutions

Spiral’s Solutions are focused on specific educational subjects in learning, training or certification where a learner/student/trainee uses the Spiral Solutions to improve in skills and levels. Spiral helps for each Subject specific Solution with 3 (three) easy ‘core’ steps that have been proven and are effective.


Subject Assessment

Spiral's Subject Assessment involves an easy, level specific and interactive skills evaluation where the Learner interacts with Spiral and the interaction is recorded. Afterwards, Spiral analyzes the interaction and produces the Assessment Guide. The analysis includes the Learner's Learning Personality in the process.

Assessment Guide

Improving your skills requires an understanding of where your level of skills are today. Many educational and learning systems and methods require an Assessment to use their tools. Most of those other good systems use 'standard' models that are not personalized to your Learning Personality. Spiral provides an Assessment Guide that you can use to enhance and differentiate the results from 'standard' assessments. Spiral's subject specific Assessment Guide also provides you with a schedule of ongoing assessments to keep track of your improvement according to your level.

Skills Improvement

Spiral's Skills Improvement step utilizes the results of the subject specific Assessment Guide and finds content and tools that the Learner can use to increase skills for a specific subject.