Spiral Rewards

Spiral helps with incentives for Learners/Students/Trainees by providing special rewards based on the earning of NuuED Creds while improving with Spiral.

Spiral users accumulate NuuED Creds based on the amount of time and functional use of the Spiral Features.

Additionally, NuuED Creds are awarded for increases of Level in subjects, content and tool usage, and increases in Level of education.

Graduates from the following receive bonus NuuED Creds:

Middle School

High School

General Education Certifications

Junior School

Community College

Vocational and Training Courses


Professional Certifications

Adult Continuing Education

How NuuED Creds Work

When a Learner/Student/Trainee uses Spiral’s Features in the Spiral Solution for a subject to improve their skills then Spiral records the time and results. The time and results generate NuuED Creds automatically and are posted to the account the Learner/Student/Trainee is using.

The Parent/Guardian/Sponsor of the account receives an email notification from Spiral indicating the NuuED Creds earned on a periodic basis.

When the Parent/Guardian/Sponsor wants to convert the earned NuuED Creds to rewards, scholarship help, supplies or job grants with participating partners then that is done by Spiral sending the Parent/Guardian/Sponsor the available options to spend NuuED Creds.

The more they Learn, the More they Earn!