Spiral Benefits

Learning Personality Analysis

The most important benefit provided by Spiral is enabling a Learner/Student/Trainee to improve educational skill levels that will provide better opportunity to succeed in school, jobs and life.

The first step encountered by any educator/instructor in helping a learner/student or trainee is to try and understand the capabilities of the learner/student or trainee from the perspective of current skill level for any subject.

Important to this evaluation is an understanding on how the learner/student or trainee can best learn what the educator/instructor will be teaching.

Aligning the subject course content and tools to the learner/student or trainee learning strengths provides the best approach for success.

This is why the best benefit provided by Spiral is to help assess how a learner/student or trainee learn’s best. This is provided by Spiral via the Learning Personality Analysis.

Some of the key  benefits from the Learning Personality Analysis Include:

The Learner/Student/Trainee will build confidence in learning activities based on an understanding of what the best types of content and tools to use for skills improvement. This is very empowering.

The Parent/Guardian/Sponsor will gain confidence in being able to select courses, content, tools, assessments and a richer learning path to support their Learner/Student/Trainee.

The Educator/Instructor will gain confidence in understanding the Learning Personalities of a Learner/Student/Trainee and improve courses, exercises and content selection with a focus on differentiation. 

Fostering Learner/Student/Trainee engagement of their own education pathway gives  more positive interaction and participation in school.

Educator/Instructors can better game plan which Learner/Student/Trainee they plan to target coaching and how they are going to coach them during class sessions.

Self-knowledge is very empowering. A Learner/Student/Trainee gains more control and understanding of their strengths and will improve their comprehension and skills in subjects by applying the self-knowledge of their Learning Personality.

A Parent/Guardian/Sponsor will achieve a better understanding of their Learner/Student/Trainee and will be able to evaluate decisions about educational paths, resources and progress results better.

The Educator/Instructor will benefit from better time and resource management and optimize assessments with the knowledge about the Learning Personality of their Learners/Students/Trainees.

Knowing and understanding learning styles and personality types empower educators/instructors to educationally engage more effectively.

Daily and yearly expectations become more clear for students and teacher alike without the noise of distraction and limited resources.

Spiral provides a safe learning environment for each Learner/Student/Trainee. Each can learn and improve at their own pace.

Educators/Instructors will be able to receive the information is secure ways without exposing confidential information.

Parents/Guardians/Sponsors will be able to receive informative tracking of progress regarding the Learning Personality of the learner/student/trainee in a secure manner.

A safe environment acknowledging and accepting who Learners/Students/Trainees are creates trust and open communication.

Opens secure communication between Parents/Guardians/Sponsors, Learners/Students/Trainees and Educators/Instructors in a whole new way.

Educators/Instructors do not have to spend the time to attempt to continuously assess and try to guess what are the Learner/Student/Trainee learning styles, cognitive skills and environment considerations.

From bell to bell learning can take place

Reduction in stopping class to take time to handle disruptive out-lier behavior.

Fluidity and Flow of classroom learning is increased keeping focus and pace moving

Out-lier behaviors minimized allowing access to more comprehensive classroom management for instructors.

Daily and yearly expectations become more clear for Learners/Students/Trainees and Educator/Instructors alike without the noise of distraction and limited resources.

Spiral Solutions

Each Spiral Solution provides its own additional benefit for the users. The Spiral Solutions are Subject specific so they are focused on particular learning subjects such as English Reading or Math, etc.

The Spiral Solutions first assess the level of the Learner/Student/Trainee in the specific subject.

This first step provides the result of a Subject Assessment with in depth analysis of the Learner/Student/Trainee’s level. 

In today’s world there are many good assessment models employed by various good tolls and systems.

The Spiral Subject Assessment is very beneficial to have as a guideline that will compliment other assessments because Spiral’s is specifically analyzed with the Learners/Students/Trainees Learning Personality. 

This differs from the normalized ‘standards’ of other good, but generic assessments.

Additionally, the Spiral Solutions provide subject specific and Learner Personality specific skills improvement content and tools designed to help improve the level of education in the subject.

Some of the key benefits in Spiral Solutions are:

Spiral Solutions feature a subject specific assessment that incorporates the Learners/Students/Trainees Learning Personality in the assessment analysis while focusing on the subject (English Reading, Math, etc.)

This combination provides the benefit of using ‘standard’ assessment processes within the framework of the Learning Personality.

The Spiral Assessment Guide is personalized to your Learning Personality as it applies to the Subject Specific Assessment.

This benefits the Learner/Student/Trainee by providing in depth analysis regarding their strengths and areas of challenge towards improvement in a subject skills and levels.

Parents/Guardians/Sponsors will be better prepared to understand their Learner/Student/Trainee needs and assessment levels in a specific subject because the Spiral Assessment Guide delivers more than the ‘standard’ assessments that are ‘normalized’ to the general groupings.

The Spiral Assessment Guide is focused on the Learner/Student/Trainee in areas not typically considered in other assessments and as such is a great guide to have in evaluating results from other assessments.

The Spiral Solutions results provide various areas of value to all involved.

In addition to the unique Subject Specific Assessment process that delivers the personalized Assessment Guide, Spiral Solutions provide a unique way to improve skills in the subject.

The Learner/Student/Trainee can access at their own pace, content and tools already prequalified for their level and Learning Personality on the subject.

This approach provides a focused skill improvement capability via Spiral Solutions that have demonstrated great benefit.

Additionally, Spiral tracks the Learner/Student/Trainee sessions of Assessment, Analysis and Improvement per subject to provide Progress reports.

The Progress reports are useful to Educators/Instructors, Parents/Guardians/Instructors and of course to Learners/Students/Trainees.

Spiral Solutions technology and methodology have been proven via actual use case studies which to date demonstrate an average of 70% increase in skill and level improvement.

The science behind Spiral Solutions have been proven in rigorous academic and institutional testing over many years and thousands of test cases and subjects.

The Spiral Solutions technologies are advanced and stem from proven technologies in artificial intelligence, data analytics, behavioral analytics and correlative analytics.