Our Vision

The Spiral the Study Buddy platform of personalized learning services was created from the vision of the NuuED, Inc. Founder – Derrick O’Neal.

Utilizing his own life experiences and challenges, Mr. O’Neal focused on how he could bring help to others. He went forward with his passion and ideas to recruit team members, sponsors, subject matter experts, business and technology advisers, educators, investors and innovative people that believe in the same dream.

“At NuuED our mission is to be your ultimate Learning Guide.

Our vision as a company is to guide you on your path to success in your educational, career, and business pursuits by helping you to discover who you are as an individual and as a learner.

We developed our introductory English Reading Subject Solution as our first offering because we recognize that literacy is the first step of the journey.”

 Derrick O’Neal

Founder NuuEd, Inc.

Spiral Contributors

Over the last 3 years, many people have contributed advice, support, hard work, research, investment, expertise, knowledge and guidance to the growth of Spiral the Study Buddy. These good people all share Our Vision. 

Teresa Towne

‘The Navajo have a proverb which says, ‘You cannot see the future with tears in your eyes.’ I am proud to be a part of a team that is helping all learners to see theirs through education.'

Dr. Sharon L. Burton

‘This academic tool can aid learners in feeling more joy and confidence about their abilities and capabilities to strive and succeed in the learning environment. This self-confidence aids in preparation, development, and maintaining an eye on the end goal, which is learning.’

Dr. Sandra Jensen

'Understanding how someone learns allows us to communicate and exchange knowledge.'

Joseph Coleman

‘Helping learners of all ages to understand how they learn best, seeing students become more engaged, reading levels improved, and an overall sense of heightened confidence…that’s priceless! I am proud to be a part of a company that is forward thinking and will make a difference in education.’

Ben English

William Hammons

‘Witnessing the learning light bulb ignite for students after their Spiral the Study Buddy experience was life-changing.’

Aris Bartee

‘The best learning experiences happen when the learner is fully engaged in more than just the lessons, but also in the steps to further learning.’

Dr. John Y. Cole

'Congratulations on helping promote reading in a unique way!'

Elisha Rochelle

‘As hands raised and questions were answered, a heavy silence took over, excitement for learning literally unwrapped before my eyes.’

Jasmin Jourdenais, LMFT

'A child's improvement in learning skills is positive for the family and the child's confidence.'

Roni McClintock

‘Anyone given enough time can do anything. (Anonymous)’

Mirto Collazo, Jr PhD

Brett Mcculloch

Janevette Cole

‘Not only is the learner positively impacted, but educators, professional coaches, and employers can incorporate this system to guide their learners to levels of excellence and ultimate achievement.’

Nicolas Collazo

Shawna Lee

Mark Turgeon

‘Spiral will make a difference in education by delivering personalized learning based on a deeper understanding of the individual. That alone is a game changer, but combined with ease of access and affordability, that is a win.'

Donna Jacobs

‘Now that NuuED has introduced their new web app, Spiral the Study, I can share this vital information to my employees and colleagues who are looking for an interactive web app to assist in their child’s learning.’

Maria Mayr

'Bringing together qualified research with technology innovation opens whole new possibilities for education.'

Cynthia J. Krupp

'Applied analytics is a catalyst for innovation. Smart innovation promotes new and exciting learning that engages the mind of a student.'

Carlos Collazo

'In diversity there is strength. We all learn in a unique way. That is our strength. So, what we learn is strengthened by how we learn.'