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Spiral Services

Learning Personality

Spiral’s Learning Personality Analysis informs you on how your Learner/Student or Trainee learns best. Spiral provides you with a learning guide to help you and the Educators/Instructors provide personalized and differentiated learning for your Learner/Student or Trainee.

Spiral Solutions

Spiral’s Solutions combine analysis with the Learning Personality Guide to provide Assessment Guides on specific subjects. Then Spiral uses those results to provide content and tools for skills improvement on the specific subjects. This helps your Learner/Student or Trainee improve in a way that is personalized to them.

Spiral Rewards

Spiral provides rewards that help further education, learning and opportunities for success. Your Learner/Student or Trainee can earn credits by using Spiral and those credits can be applied to scholarships, job grants, school supplies and other collectivizing rewards. Spiral helps those that are trying to improve their future.

Spiral Benefits

Provide a proven tool to your children, learners, students or trainees that will deliver improvement in learning and an increase in confidence.

The proven easy to use and advanced technology has provided an average of 70% improvement in as little as 30 hours.

Family friendly pricing and rewards leading to scholarships and continued education help open the path to life changing opportunities for all.

Knowing and understanding the student’s learning personality empowers educators to educationally engage students more effectively.

Instructors can improve target coaching plans and processes for individuals.

Differentiated learning content and tools are provided according to each individual’s learning personality.

You can learn at your own pace and understand content in the way you learn best.

You can boost and improve your learning and the results from your education.

New opportunities for your future will become more available in jobs, scholarships and other rewards because you have improved your education.

Spiral Features

Spiral uses modern and advanced adaptive technology.

Spiral applies artificial intelligence, cognitive analysis and correlative data analytics.

Spiral is adaptive with leading educational, psychological and differentiated learning methodologies.

Spiral’s unique use of image based and multimedia interaction provides an easy and adaptive approach to its analysis and assessment software for all ages.

Ease of use provides Spiral with more consistent adoption and interaction with all users.

The adaptive methods employed by Spiral make each user unique and Spiral will learn as the user improves.

Spiral provides guidelines and reports from its analysis and assessments.

The reports and analysis are easy to follow and are useful for a chart based overview and for baseline tracking.

The reports may be viewed online or securely downloaded for use in documentation.

Spiral Learners